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    A plausible origin of Tabouli.


Made exclusively by Sabra with fresh minced parsley, scallion, onion, cracked wheat, and tomato combined with special seasoning and a touch of mint. Ice cold and scintillating. Most popular Middle-Eastern salad.

Parsley is an herb powerhouse. Parsley's brilliant green hue looks fantastic wherever you put it, it has a very bright, tangy, fresh flavor and provides an excellent source of vitamins A, C and K. Tabouli puts parsley squarely on the main stage. This is a traditional Middle-Eastern salad with its main ingredients of fresh, minced parsley and bulgar wheat. Both contribute to how this salad delivers on such unique texture. Chopped tomatoes and mint help give this very fresh-tasting salad some real personality. We like to enjoy this with other traditional items like hommus and pita bread.  

Statements that can be made about this product:

cholesterol free high in iron
low saturated fat   high in vitamin A
high in vitamin C   a good source of calcium
high in fiber    

Nutritional evaluation:

Tabouli surpasses most commonly served side-dish salads in its nutritional value to a meal. Its use of bulgur offers seven grams of protein per serving. This plant-source protein is considered complete when eaten with a complement, such as dried beans, nuts or a dairy product. The fact that Tabouli contains no cholesterol also makes it adaptable to low-cholesterol diets.

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  •  The noticeable lack of preservatives, sets Sabra apart from its competitors.
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